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Bineo is part of the Government

The creation of a map of capabilities of technologies in Artificial Intelligence in Spain has been a priority of the Government through the Interministerial Group on Artificial Intelligence created under the Delegate Commission for Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy and in which 15 of the 16 participate government ministries. This map is also one of the objectives of Priority 1 of the Spanish R & D & I Strategy in AI launched by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities on March 4, 2019. The map is also a commitment of the Member States with the EU reflected in the Coordinated Plan of Artificial Intelligence COM (2018) 795 final in its contribution to the objective of strengthening Artificial Intelligence. This map is a necessary milestone to know the current state of the different entities that make up the ecosystem of AI in Spain.

The map is an elementary piece for the design of the National Artificial Intelligence strategy that helps align national policies aimed at promoting the development and use of artificial intelligence in Spain, increasing investment, reinforcing excellence in intelligence technologies and applications. artificial and strengthening collaboration between the public and private sectors so that there is a significant impact on our society and our economy.

Therefore, the result obtained through this form will be a letter of presentation of the development and use of Artificial Intelligence in Spain and a recognition of those priority areas for investment in public policies and the private sector.

This dynamic tool locates and displays the essential information of the entities that develop, research, use or provide services with AI technologies, both at the national level and in autonomous communities and provinces. Therefore, the data included in the form is intended to generate a map of capabilities in AI technologies and promote synergies between Spanish entities and open a path of European and international collaboration by identifying and visualizing capabilities.

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