Hamelin is here!

Your Social Network of Nature

Hamelin is here!

'Hamelin is 'Your Nature Social Network' and if it isn't yet, you don't know it. In Hamelin you will find photographs of flora, fauna and natural landscapes taken both by professional photographers, as well as by people who, enjoying nature, decide to take out their phone or their camera to photograph it and share the wealth of biodiversity that surrounds them with the rest of the people of Hamelin.

In Hamelin you will know what it is to experience the “Wow” effect, marvel at a landscape photograph and discover new places. Surprise yourself with the photo of a plant that you did not know and read information or curiosities that both the person who published it and other users of the community know about that species. Read how a photograph was taken of an animal that is difficult to see. Learn about plant species identifications made automatically by our algorithm or plant or animal identifications made by people who are part of Hamelin. You will know the offer of ecotourism, sustainability and nature activities that freelancers and companies promote. You will be able to participate and enjoy thematic photography contests. All this and much more in Hamelin, now yes 'Your social network of Nature' see you in Hamelin.

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