Our new home for Bineo✨✨

Robin · 2021

Our new home for Bineo✨✨

Bineo team is pleased to announce that our new home for Bineo Consulting is now live. What was previously our home built with wordpress has now transformed into our new home build entirely from scratch with new tools and technologies.

Websites are full of cookies for analytics purposes, but it’s a privacy disaster. Google analytics and ReCaptcha are technologies that cannot be used without cookies. Google Analytics is blocked by millions of people who use ad blockers, so the data is not accurate. And for reCaptcha, it’s excellent for security but not so great for your privacy because Google captures user behavior, interests, and preferences.Google cookie monsterOur website is Cookieless, so for Analytics, we only need to monitor user traffic and some metrics about the browser and the IP location, not the user privacy.

And to fight Spam, we use Honeypots, a tool used to detect when automated bots are trying to fill forms or sign up for our products. It’s a way to help ensure only real and interested users receive your messages, protecting user privacy and your company’s reputation. So we place hidden fields on our form contact page only for bots so we can easily detect real persons.

The use of Javascript It’s overkill for the majority of websites. Using Javascript to do simple things like showing animations, lazy loading, switching pages, menus is excessive.

We got rid of jQuery and any other framework with a bloated Javascript core and we built a pure HTML Seo friendly website. In this way we improve our site speed by far and our website possesses SEO advantages that dynamic content management systems do not.

Smooth design
We don’t use any javascript framework to show animations, the transitions between pages It’s made by Link prefetching introduced in HTML5. And we use Javascript just to improve the Smooth of animations, so our bundle Javascript only weighs 1.6Kb!

So this journey has led us to get the perfect score on Lighthouse (A tool that audits performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO and more).

Lighthouse perfect score!

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